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Dead Wrong

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To Love Again

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Through the Fire -- Serenity King

Through the Fire

To the outside world Brandon Cameron appears to have everything a man could want or need: a lucrative career, wealth, good looks, beautiful women, and a good name. Little do they know that Brandon feels as if his life is falling apart. In addition to having to rebuild his office after a major fire, he’s dealing with the possibility of losing the one woman he’s ever loved. The thought of losing the love of his life is the straw that is threatening to push him over the edge.

The oldest daughter of one of the most prominent African-American families in Atlanta, Dominique Shaw is fiercely independent and doesn’t have a desire to be a part of her family’s security and finance businesses. Wanting to forge her own path, she traveled to New York and pursued her dream of becoming a prosperous New York attorney. Through the many adversities, she made her dream come true, and as a result is well known legal circles. What isn’t well known is the fact that along the way she fell in love with Brandon Cameron.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, Dominique and Brandon come face-to-face with their past. Will they finally be able to live the life they’ve longed for? Or will the rollercoaster that’s become Brandon and Dominique’s lives force them to sacrifice their chance for happiness once again?

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Sighing, Brandon ordered another drink from the bar. “Scotch straight.”

Nodding, the bartender quickly fixed his drink and slid it across the bar.

Thanking the bartender, Brandon’s gaze swept the room again seeking out Dominique, willing her to look his way.

His father’s voice interrupted his eye-stalking.  “You okay, son?”

Brandon turned and looked into his father’s eyes before answering. “I’m fine, Dad. Why do you ask?”

“Hmm, Chad’s sister looks beautiful doesn’t she?”

“Yes, Diamond makes a beautiful bride,” Brandon said shifting his gaze towards Diamond and Rafe.

“Yes, Diamond makes a stunning bride, but I wasn’t referring to Diamond, son. I was talking about Dominique.” 

Brandon glanced up at his father again. Did he know about him and Dominique? No. He was just making an observation.

Or was he? Who knew with his father?

“They’re a beautiful family, Dad,” Brandon responded cautiously.

“I don’t think Xavier and Chad would like being referred to as beautiful.” His father laughed before returning his eagle-eyed gaze to his son. “You sure there’s nothing wrong, son? You haven’t been around much since that incident with Alisha.”

“I live in New York, Dad.  I’m not exactly around the corner,” Brandon hedged.  Though he wasn’t looking, his eyes immediately keyed in on Dominique.  She had stopped dancing and was making the rounds chatting up friends and relatives.  It was a nice thing to do but not necessary, especially since the bride and groom were also making the rounds. Brandon knew what she was up to; she was avoiding him. His eyes followed her every move, like a predator eying his prey.
Fine. Since she refused to come to him, he was going to her.

Dominique must’ve felt his eyes on her. She turned and their gazes locked. Brandon lifted his brow slightly and gave her his predatory smile. The look she returned was panic-stricken. He masked his smile with a cough into his hand to keep from laughing out loud. Dominique broke eye contact with him…but not before she gave a slight tilt of her chin towards the exit of the ballroom. She wanted him to follow her. His heart leapt in his chest. He gave a slight nod of understanding and watched the gentle sway of her slim hips as she exited the room. He waited a few endless seconds before following.

The sound of his father pointedly clearing his throat stopped him. “You know I’m available if you need to talk.”

Brandon turned back to his father. “I know, Dad. Maybe I’ll take you up on your offer soon. Look, there’s something I have to…see you later,” Brandon finished lamely as he walked off.  Normally, he wouldn’t be so disrespectful but he was too distracted to consider etiquette.