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Dead Wrong -- Serenity King
Dead Wrong

To Love Again -- Serenity King
To Love Again

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Let's Ride -- Serenity King

Let's Ride

Starlina “Star” Jenkins is known for causing all kinds of mayhem, so no one’s surprised when she is caught climbing through Hudson’s bedroom window. Nobody, that is, but Hudson Reese himself.

Having been in love with Star for as long as he can remember, after catching her climbing through his second-floor window, Hudson takes matters into his own hands. Now that the caramel-skinned beauty is on his turf, he has no intention of letting Star go. Ever.

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I must be crazy!” Star muttered, climbing a twenty-foot ladder to reach a second-story bedroom window of Hudson Reese’s house. “I hope y’all know this is completely insane!” Considering it was well past midnight some would say that, yeah, she probably was a little batty.

Star wasn’t batty—she was determined. During the day, Hudson’s ranch bustled with activity. However, now it looked remarkably deserted. It wasn’t off the main highway. There was a private road that led to his property.

“Of course we know it’s insane—that’s why we tried to talk you out of it,” Paulette shot back. “Although why we agreed to participate in your insanity is beyond me.”

Star glared down at them. “Hush up, Paulette. You agreed because we’re best friends and you love me.”

“Well, I’m not your best friend,” Skye piped up. Skye stood on one side of the ladder, Paulette on the other, steadying it as best they could while Star climbed. “Tell me again why the hell I’m out here on one of the largest quarter horse ranches in North Carolina late at night, helping you climb in its owner’s window?”

Star looked down again. “You’re supposed to help me. Now will the two of you shut up and hold the ladder still before we get caught!”